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Asked how she successful the exchange of ideas has been, Moonbeam replies, “It has been very successful for people who don’t have much money or who are interested in suststainability issues.”  Bustan Qaaraca has worked with 25 family units in the West Bank, including helping to install rainwater collection units and compost toilets and often provide volunteers to help. “The site is an openhouse for ideas. Palestinians are welcome to come and exchange ideas.”

Like many projects, one of the main challenges facing Bustan Qaraaqa is funding.  Other than volunteers, who pay to stay in the guesthouse, and some grant money – the project has difficulty securing revenue income.

News of the project is mostly spread through word of mouth and they are always looking for more violunteers.

PEDAL workshop/ Thursday 14th June 2012/ 7PM
Palestine Place/ 24 Gray’s Inn Road, Camden Town, WC1X 8HP

“You did what?”
“We cycled to Palestine.”
“Blimey, how long did that take?”
“About four months.”
“What, did you do it for charity or something?”
“Well, not exactly for charity. It was in response to the call-out for international solidarity from Palestinians under illegal military occupation by Israel.”

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An international group of community organisers, artists, food-growers and cyclists called ‘PEDAL’ slowly hurtled across the face of Europe into the Middle East by bicycle in Spring last year.

They arrived in the West Bank in July 2011 to organise a community bike action to the apartheid wall with the Bilin popular committee before spending a month working with Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement, Jordan Valley Solidarity, and the Jayyous and Al-Walaja popular committees.

// Responding to the call-out from Palestinian civil society for Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions the group ran educational workshops and meetings about the campaign in twelve communities on route, organised a critical mass of organisations involved in profiting from the Occupation in Brussels, and made a theatrical sabotage of a Jewish National Fund-linked cosmetics store in Europe’s busiest high-street.

// The PEDAL collective worked with groups fighting for access to land and food autonomy on the journey- focusing their work with the Reclaim the Fields network and exchanging heritage variety seeds from their Seedbank of Solidarity.

// The group listened to, documented and shared Stories of Resistance in each community they visited such as a hip hop collective in Kosovo, migrant solidarity groups in Calais and Thessaloniki, and anti-fascists in Bosnia.  These stories are collated in an interactive illustrated map.

PEDAL will be sharing the stories and reflections on the project at Palestine Place on Thursday the 14th of June starting at 7pm.

PEDAL. London to the West Bank, Palestine. 100 days. 20 people. 40 wheels. 7,000km. Fourteen countries. Twelve communities.  A toolkit of ideas.

Three Aims: B.D.S., Food Autonomy, Stories of Resistance. Stories of Resistance!

Theatrical sabotage in Turkey // hip hop in Kosovo // community bike action to Israel’s Apartheid wall // seed swap in Europe’s oldest squat // Utopia film in squatted garden // pirate radio with Bosnian anti-fascists.

We wanted to listen to, share and document stories through our journey.  Taking them from one community to the next- making an accessible story bank.

Stories that come from places of dissent, of people building their own power to fight back against Power structures that wield injustice and oppression.

These are stories that we can learn from, be inspired by, give hope, simply listen to, and help to build ferocious myths!

‘Difference becomes so important, because you have to have struggles from people from different worlds, from different realities, yet we can figure out a way within the same space and push our commonalities forward but in a way that respects the individuality of the struggles.’- Ashanti Alston


The event will be a delicious home-cooked three-course, sit-down meal (read feast) with all food either sourced locally or reclaimed and vegan.
BYOB (50p corkage)

£6 (concession/unwaged in advance)
£8 (concession/unwaged on the door)