Watch the short film outlining the project and our four month journey by bike from London to the West Bank..

100 Days to Palestine from PEDAL 100days on Vimeo.

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  • Edge: Groundbreaking Funding open for First Round October 5, 2012Edge Fund eader

    A groundbreaking new funding organisation named the Edge Fund which aims to support grassroots social justice and systemic change opened for a first round of funding on 1st October. Could this mark the end of philanthropy? The fund was initiated b...

  • A Feast of Stories presents PEDAL October 1, 2012BilinProtest20110729_121

    A Feast of Stories presents PEDAL //Old St Paul's Hall, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH //Wednesday 3rd of October //7pm-10pm // Proceeds to Jordan Valley Solidarity campaign PEDAL. London to the West Bank, Palestine. 100 days....

  • PEDAL @ Palestine Place / 14.6.12 / 7pm June 9, 2012BilinProtest20110729_04

    PEDAL workshop/ Thursday 14th June 2012/ 7PM Palestine Place/ 24 Gray’s Inn Road, Camden Town, WC1X 8HP “You did what?” “We cycled to Palestine.” “Blimey, how long did that take?” “About four months.” “What, did you do it f...

  • Stories of Land & Liberty! 11.6.12 May 21, 2012LandLibertyweb

  • PEDAL Reflects on the 'Flytilla' April 13, 2012

    [caption id="attachment_2504" align="aligncenter" width="369" caption="Flytilla"][/caption] On a rainy evening in November, a handful of PEDAL cyclists gathered in Manchester to reflect and reunite. The last item on the agenda seemed minor at first,...


PEDAL makes her journey in solidarity with Palestinian and Israeli popular resistance movements- responding to the call-out from Palestinian civil society in 2005 to support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign.  The cycle ride will trace a trail of corporations complicit in the occupation, take the tactic to the communities we visit and and support international days of action.

The group`s journey will join dots of counter-cultures fighting injustice through Europe to the Middle East exchanging stories, skills and strategies of resistance; to create a document to share with those working to end the illegal Occupation, the wider Global Justice movement and aiming to re-frame what it is to Resist in popular society.

PEDAL is focusing her work on Access to Land, Water and Seeds- visiting growing spaces and farms throughout the journey to share seeds and skills in existing networks taking back control of food systems.  On this track we are organising with Stop the JNF campaign to expose the greenwashing of the JNF in maintaining Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

Video, photography and audio projects will track the stories and ideas to build dynamic social movements- following the solidarity work and documenting our enquiry into how we build community and fight for new worlds together.

Our aim is to link and empower groups across our route implementing the concept of ‘dual power’; by building networks with groups who are involved in opposing oppression in Palestine as well as those creating new worlds and forms of organising in resistance to social and environmental injustice.

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